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Vitt is exploring and flowing. Made by and for yogis, it is the fruit of the work and experience of more than 15 years of practice and learning, and is based on the idea of becoming aware of the body and being aligned.

The proposal was conceived by Ariadna Candeal and Ivan Acosta; Yoga practitioners and teachers who, in addition to offering training for teachers, are partners.

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Vitt products

Yoga mats

Discover the different models of Vitt mats and find the one that best suits you.

Yoga blocks

Vitt cork blocks will allow you to reach all those resisting asanas.

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When you make a purchase at Vitt, 5% of the profits from your purchase are used to carry out rescue efforts in the Mediterranean. As you can see, helping the most disadvantaged is much easier than it may seem. A gesture as simple as buying one of our products is full of advantages: you enjoy practicing yoga with a quality product and you indirectly contribute to saving lives.



Vitt mats give you a more technical view of the asana.

Slip resistant

The materials used promote the absorption of sweat.


Constructed with natural rubber.


The materials used in the mats are biodegradable.

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