15 years of learning

Beyond practice

Vitt is exploring and flowing. Made by and for yogis, it is the fruit of the work and experience of more than 15 years of practice and learning, and is based on the idea of becoming aware of the body and being aligned.

The proposal was conceived by Ariadna Candeal and Ivan Acosta; Yoga practitioners and teachers who, in addition to offering training for teachers, are partners.

A tandem that started a yoga center (Ingravitt), expanding little by little and, increasingly, teaching more styles and disciplines. The belief that the limitation to a yoga style makes the evolution of the practice incomplete, as led them to combine different styles to work he whole body.

The daily practice of yoga, going for a run, competitions in other disciplines and the training of dynamic exercises, made them become aware of the importance of discipline and perseverance in order to have greater awareness of body and mind.

In its beginnings there were no mats to guide the alignment of the asana and the adjustment always depended on the teacher. An injury made them think about the symmetry and positioning of the body to overcompensate when it is injured or has a blockage.

In their first trainings they made the students paint a series of marks on their mat so that they had references and were aware of their position during the practice.

Hence the idea of creating a useful, technical and quality product was born.

The importance of working symmetrically

We realized that one of the great mistakes of the beginners was the misalignment of the hips due to the incorrect positioning of the feet; generating too wide angles in the feet and consequently their knees began to suffer. The same happened with the hands. The shoulders were damaged due to an incorrect position.

We are aware that sometimes, due to dynamism or ignorance, small imbalances can occur in practice that can block and injure. Sometimes we do not have time to locate and correct the possible mismatch. And then, where is yoga? Where is caring for the sacred temple that is our body?

A solid base is essential to support the asanas, either on hands or feet. If the base is not well placed, the body begins to make compensation chains, working asymmetrically, tensioning unnecessary areas and consequently weakening others. Hence the importance of working symmetrically.

A good technical material always works in favor of the body and its effort, facilitating conditions and offering greater comfort. In addition to minimizing the risk of possible injuries and optimizing the practice.

That is why we have created vitt.
Explore and flow, that simple.

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