Laura Lakshmi

Yoga teacher
“Learning is always a gift, even when pain is the teacher” ~ buddha

As Buddha said well, pain is also a teacher, and this is how yoga came into my life. I started practicing yoga after a severe injury to my spine.
In about 6 months I not only healed my injuries. Such was the transformation in my body and in my mind that my life took a 180 degree turn in both personal and professional terrain… I left the law firm where I worked and went to travel, This is how I started to go deeper and train in different yoga styles such as Vinyasa Krama, Dharma yoga, Ashtanga and Rocket yoga.

Nowadays, I fully dedicate my life to sharing this wonderful and transforming discipline that has healed my life, so that everyone can feel its countless benefits.

For me, yoga is union and love towards myself and the world… it is my way of connecting with myself, a way of listening to myself and getting to know myself a little more deeply every day. Each day I stand in front of my mat is different; my body and my mind tell me a story. Transcending the mind and flowing with the breath without judging or comparing myself, accepting me! That is the true medicine, very simple and so powerful!

Pablo Maha

Yoga director
He has known Yoga since 1995. Bhakti Yoga started in 2006; he has different International Yoga Certifications. Director at Yoga Ashram for 3 years.

He has practiced Asana and Pranayama with experienced students of Patthabi Jois; and also with Jani Jaatinen (Gokulacandra). In India he studied with B.K.S. Iyengar from Mysore and Hatha Yogis from Rishikesh.

Pablo creates positive exchanges with his students and helps to recognize physical and mental strengths; as well as aspects that they should improve with discipline, patience and love.


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