1. Caring for the mat

What is the cleaning procedure for my mat?
We recommend the use of a cloth moistened with water to clean the dirt remains.
Can I use sprays or oil to clean my mat?
Vitt does not recommend any cleaning product other than a cloth moistened with water.

Cleaning sprays often contain oils and chemicals that could harm your mat.

Vitt discourages the use of body lotions, creams and essential oils on your skin just before using your mat. The materials used in the construction of the mat can absorb these products that have been applied to the skin and could leave a stain difficult to remove. The use of body lotions, creams and essential oils on your skin just before using your mat could harm your practice and could cause a loss of adhesion on the mat surface.

How to properly store my mat?
At the end of your practice you will have to roll your mat with the upper part (where the lines or the colored part are) towards the outside. This winding method will ensure that the mat unfolds properly and the ends do not tend to lift.

Do not fold your mat as they are designed to be rolled up. Any crease could leave irreversible marks on your mat.If after practice your mat is wet, we recommend letting it dry and then roll it up.

After your practice we recommend keeping your mat in a cool, ventilated indoors place.

Avoid exposing the mat directly to the sun or in places where there is a very high temperature, such as inside your vehicle.

What steps should I follow if I notice that the mat gives off a slight rubber odor?
Vitt mats contain natural rubber at the bottom, so they may give off a slight natural rubber odor when first removed from the box packaging.

Right after the rubber production process, the mats are aerated in order to eliminate possible odors.

If your mat gives off a rubber smell, we recommend that before using it, allow to air out and this smell will disappear in approximately 10 hours.

What to do if your mat has ripples when first deployed?
If you take the Vitt mat out of the box for the first time and it shows some ripples, these will disappear over the hours, leaving the mat fully unfolded or just starting to practice with it.

These ripples can be produced by the storage and packaging system. If you follow the process described above, your Vitt mat will be completely smooth.

The ripples that may appear before the first use do not affect the performance of the mat.

2. Product’s information

What materials do Vitt mats contain?
Vitt mats are made of natural rubber on the bottom and eco-polyurethane on the top of Progressive Plus, Progressive Travel, Alignment, Wind and Vitt equipment models.

On the Progressive and Rainbow models, the lower part is made of natural rubber and the upper part is made of suede microfiber. All materials are fully biodegradable and come from sustainable production. Our mission is to use ecological, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials for both humans and our planet.

What is the shelf life of the mat?
The shelf life of Vitt mats depend on various factors, such as the caring and the type of practice, intensity and frequency.

The impact on the environment is very important to us and for the simple fact of using ecological, non-toxic, biodegradable and respectful materials, the mat can become worn or show signs of aging unlike other mats that do not use this type of materials.

What kind of yoga can I do with Vitt mats?
With Vitt mats you can perform an infinity of yoga styles, both soft and very dynamic practices.The upper part is built to absorb sweat and guarantee good adherence regardless of your level of sweating and without the need to place a towel on the mat to obtain a better grip or to absorb sweat from your hands and feet.

We advise that Vitt mats have not been designed with the Hot yoga style in mind, although you can use it in this type of yoga, we cannot guarantee durability of the material at high temperatures because the materials used in the construction are totally biodegradable, from sustainable production, ecological, non-toxic and respectful for both humans and our planet.

On Progressive and Rainbow models, the first few days of use the microfiber upper may be a little slippery due to its construction and packaging. If this happens, we recommend slightly moistening the upper part with a cloth before starting the practice.

What alignment system is optimal for my height?
The two different alignment systems of Vitt mats are designed to be able to work in a personalized and simple way using their reference lines as a guide. Depending on your height, you can intuitively use some lines or others as they are symmetrical, taking as a reference the central line that will serve as a guide.

The optimal height range to be able to work with the alignment systems efficiently and get the best performance ranges from 150cm to 190cm. The Progressive Plus and Alignment models are built with superior dimensions offering a greater number of possibilities and options.

For more information on the Vitt mat alignment systems, click here.

Do Vitt mats contain latex?
The lower part is made of natural rubber and the rubber contains latex in its natural state. The upper part of the mat, which is in contact with the skin does not contain latex because it is made of eco-polyurethane.

In cases of very severe allergies and adopting the maximum precautions, we recommend that you consult a specialist doctor so that the use of Vitt mats does not cause any problems and you can enjoy the practice.

3. Gift cards and discount codes

How can I buy and use a gift card?
You can purchase a Vitt Gift Card by clicking here. Once you have made the payment of the gift card, it will be sent by email or to the person you choose.
Does my gift card have an expiration date?
Vitt gift cards are valid for one year from the date of issue.
How do I redeem my gift card when making a purchase?
Choose the Vitt product that interests you and put it in the shopping cart. Then enter your gift card code in the “gift card code” box and click activate. The amount of your gift card will be deducted from the total of your purchase.

If you have more than one gift card, you can use all of them without any problem.

Can I refund my gift card?
We’re sorry, but gift card refunds are not possible.

* Gift cards must always be used in the same currency in which it was purchased.

How can I receive information about news and promotions of Vitt products?
Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook and you will receive information about promotional offers and events organized by Vitt.
How do I redeem my discount code when making a purchase?
Choose the Vitt product that interests you and put it in the shopping cart. Then enter the promotion code in the “promotion code” box and click activate. The promotion code will be applied to your purchase.

Promotion codes only apply to product cost, not shipping.

Can I use several promotion codes in the same order?
Unfortunately you can only use a single discount code in a single order, if you have more than one discount code, we recommend that you use the one with the highest discount.
Can I apply a discount code to a previous purchase?
We cannot apply discount codes to purchases previously made.

4. Vitt products’ warranty

Do Vitt products have a warranty?
All Vitt products are guaranteed for 1 year if they have manufacturing defects. The misuse, improper care, or wear and aging in the practice of very dynamic styles are not a reason for warranty. Due to the materials used, the wear of the upper part may be normal with daily use in dynamic practices. We are environmentally conscious and do not use harmful or toxic materials that can be more durable than what we use in our products.

For more information on guarantees, click here.

5. Returns

Can I return my order?
If you are not satisfied with your order, we will be pleased to find the best solution to resolve this situation. In this case we ask that you contact us immediately.

Vitt will not accept returns of altered or damaged products after they have been received. Items must be unused, with their original packaging and labels. Our team will check the product before making the refund and products that do not pass the inspection will not be eligible for a refund.

To learn more about our refund policy, click here.

6. Dimensions of mats

What are the dimensions of the mats?
Progressive Plus
Lenght: 185cm Width: 68cm Thickness: 2,5mm Weight: 2kg

Length: 173cm Width: 61cm Thickness: 3mm Weight: 1,9kg

Progressive Travel
Length: 173cm Width: 61cm Thickness: 1,5mm Weight: 1kg

Length: 180 cm Width: 66cm Thickness: 2,5mm Weight: 1,9kg

Length: 180cm Width: 66cm Thickness: 2,5mm Weight: 1,9kg

Length: 173cm Width: 61cm Thickness: 3mm Weight: 1,9kg

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