Progressive method



The system of lines of the progressive method is inspired by the study of nature and the existing relationship between the golden ratio, the asana and the human body. This discovery is the result of more than three decades of practice, research and learning by the yogi César Caldera.

We want to share with you this method that will facilitate the monitoring of your yoga practice in a precise, thorough, effective way and above all, in an intuitive and natural way.

Healthy practice

Through this method we can discover the mathematical formula behind any asana. This will allow you to do a progressive monitoring in a qualitative and quantitative way in the development of the different asanas and therefore, to obtain the desired results in your yoga practice. These mathematical formulas are directly related to the biomechanics of the human body, thus achieving the proper alignment that allows you to enjoy a healthy practice. The correct alignment of the asanas is the maximum expression of the quality of your yoga practice. With this method you will learn to align in a millimetric way but always respecting the diversity of the human body.

Essential guide

This system of lines makes it easy to find the optimal anchor points according to your height, weight, shoulder and hip width, degree of flexibility, range of motion and state of strength development and thus optimize your results. All this within a correct alignment (biomechanics) allowing permanent self-adjustment (self-awareness), achieving a healthy self-practice (birth of the inner guide). That is why this method is called to be the essential guide for any teacher or practitioner of yoga.


Through the application and implementation of this method, you will enjoy a more balanced and symmetrical practice, with the purpose of correcting all the imbalances of the musculoskeletal apparatus. We are all aware of the benefits of yoga, but a wrong practice hurts and is counterproductive. With this tool, the principle of non-violence (Ahiṃsā) will flourish in your practice.

While an ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of theory, an instant of correct alignment is worth more than hundreds of mindless practices.

The progressive method will change your sādhana in a healthy way.

Creator of the method

César Caldera

Progressive method

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